Weir is a type of Human that have gained magical powers. It was the Weir that subdued the the Dragon and created the Original Covenant. At some point in the past, the Weir were divided, and formed separate Houses: the White Rose and the Red Rose.

Origin of WeirEdit

The actual origin of the Weir is up for debate, with the only consistent facts being that the Six Cousins under the Dragon received powers from her in some way or form, be it being taught or stealing magical artifacts, and that they killed the Dragon.

Types of WeirEdit


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Wizards are the strongest Weir, able to form magic through words. It is normally forbidden for Wizards to fight one another because of the power they possess. They were formerly the rulers over all other Weir, but are now at war with each other for various goals


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Warriors are Weir who put their magic into physical attacks. In a fair fight, a Warrior would beat a Wizard all the time. Warriors have been used in Tournament games and are used by the Roses to fight each other.


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Enchanters are Weir who uses charm and seduction to influence others. They are normally able to talk their way out of any situation, and can even influence Wizards who let their guard down.


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Sorcerers are Weir that craft tools and medicines that other Weir use, and are very skilled at it. They formerly could make much more powerful tools, but the knowledge of how to do so has since been lost.


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Seers are Weir that have limited clairvoyance. They are often used as strategists in the Roses, but they often can't correctly interpret their visions before it is too late.


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Elictors are Weir that are completely unaffected by other Weir magic. They are able to absorb magic attacks.


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The Anaweir are regular human who are ungifted in any way. These humans are normally unaware (Hence why they're called "Anaweir") of the magical beings that live around them.

Weirstone and WeirbookEdit

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A Weir's Weirstone and Weirbook are their most important possessions, as they provide a Weir with power and knowledge of who they are. If they are not born with a Weirstone, they will die. If the Weirbook falls into the wrong hands, the enemy knows the Weir's weaknesses.


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This Weirstone is unique in that it is a beacon for all Weir and the origin of magic. It contains the memory of the Dragon, and has the power to destroy all other Weir, as well as completely strip a Weir of all of its powers.