A Warrior is a member of the Weir guilds. They are physically superior to most members of the other guilds. Although they cannot use magic a Warrior can best a Wizard if they fight on fair grounds. Warriors are often associated with the color blue.

Powers Edit

A warrior's magic lies on a physical plane. They cannot cast spells or manipulate minds, but their physical magic outstrips all other guilds. Warriors have more physical strength and speed than anyone else. In a fair fight, they cannot lose. This means little as they rarely are in fair fights as wizards will use magic whenever they engage the weirlind.

That is not to say warriors don't have other magic. Through swords, and presumably other weapons, warriors can create fire similar to a wizard's. Their attacks, punches and kicks, are many times more forceful than an average person and can send a person flying. It is also possible, though it remains debatable, that warriors have limited telekinesis, as Jack sent Lobeck flying without touching him.

A warrrior's Weirstone does not develop power until adolescence. Warriors may go rough their entire childhood without ever displaying magic of their own. However, upon manifesting, a warrior's body begins to bulk up, gaining muscle mass and strength at an astonishing rate. The feeling of first developing the power is like an adrenaline high, only stronger.

Known WarriorsEdit