The Havens is an all-male boarding school in Maine operated by Gregory Leicester. The supposed purpose of the school is to "correct" rebellious students behavior. However, the true purpose of the school is to gather powerful Wizards to link with the headmaster in a plot to subdue the Anawizard Weir. It is unknown what became of the school following the death of Gregory Leicester

The AlumniEdit

The alumni are a group of Wizards who are linked with Gregory Leicester. The alumni receive additional power through Leicester, but are subject to having their actions monitored and possibly controlled. The death of the person they're linked to means they die, and the only known way to break the link is to drain the central person's magic, which only an Elicitor was able to do. The link can not be performed if the subject is unwilling to do so. To convince the Wizard Students, Leicester plagues them with nightmares until they are mentally broken, or if necessary, blackmail them into accepting. The Anaweir students are very wary of the Alumni and will avoid them and anyone who will join them.

Student LifeEdit

All students are subject to a strict schedule, being under constant surveillance by the Alumni. Only the Alumni have access to phones and can use the Internet, but their actions are closely monitored. The Anawier who try to cause trouble are subject to nightmares until they behave themselves. When parents receive complaints, they try going to take them back, but Leicester uses Persuasion to convince them that their child is in good hands. If they, or students, try to hinder his progress with the Alumni, Leicester will have them killed.

School LayoutEdit

There is a swimming pool, a cafeteira, and typical classrooms and gyms on campus. There is also a large forest and lake. The Anaweir stay in basic dorms that have been wired by Leicester to keep the students in line. The alumni have their own sleeping and eating quarters as well as their own library. Leicester has his own personal administrative office. Around the perimeter of the campus is a Weir Wall designed to prevent Wizards from leaving unnoticed.

Notable StudentsEdit