Madison Moelsest










Trinity, Coalton County, Thorn Hill



Madison Moss is an Elicitor and friend (and later girlfriend of Joseph McCauley). She first appeared in The Wizard Heir. She was an Elicitor until the end of The Dragon Heir, in which she absorbed the Dragonheart. She has two siblings, John-Robert and Gracie. Gracie is also an Elicitor as Jason Haley finds out when Warren Barber comes to Booker mountain in pursuit of him. Her grandmother Min was a Seer. She is related to the Dragon Guard who protected Lady Aiden. The lady talked to Nickodemus Snowbeard, Jack, Seph, and Ellen using Madison Moss. The lady was betrayed by Nick and his cousins. After that Nick tells everyone to leave Madison so he can teach her how to take out somebody's weirstone. After that she called out for Geoffrey Wylie and took out his weirstone, then she called for Jessamine Longbranch and took out her weirstone too, and accused Jessamine of being a murderer, a slavemaster, and a ruiner of lives, and said, "You are now anaweir you both have desecrated the gift of power and so now I take it back." A few days later she confronts Warren Barber so he attempts to kill Grace with fire, but Gracie was an Elicitor and when she drained the power from him he fell off the mountain on accident. Nick died a day after the siege of Trinity he was estimated to be around 600 to 1000 years old. And Linda and Leander moved into Dragon Ghyll castle with no objections.

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