Linda Downey






Nicodemus Snowbeard (ancestor)
Abraham Downey (great-grandfather)
Susannah Downey (great-grandmother)
Andrew Downey (grandfather)
Rebecca Downey (sister)
Leander Hastings (husband)
Joseph McCauley (son)
Jackson Swift (nephew)


Silver Bear; Trinity


The Warrior Heir
The Wizard Heir
The Dragon Heir
Enchanter Heir

Linda Downey is an Enchanter that first appeared in The Warrior Heir. She is Jack Swift's aunt and Seph McCauley's mother by Leander Hastings, who is also her former lover. She moved to Trinity, Ohio in The Wizard Heir, after many years of moving from location to location. She got married to Leander Hastings and moved into Dragon's Ghyll (formerly called Raven's Ghyll, but also formerly called Dragon's Ghyll) at the end of The Dragon Heir. She is one of the two Enchanters represented in the Weir Council. She is the sister of Rebecca Downey, mother of Jack Swift. She also leads the rebellion against the Roses and D'Orsay, going under the alias of "The Dragon"

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