Leander Hastings




At least 200 years old




Carrie Hastings (sister)
Linda Downey (wife)
Joseph McCauley (son)
Jackson Swift (nephew)


Silver Bear; Silver Dragon; Trinity


The Warrior Heir
The Wizard Heir
The Dragon Heir
Enchanter Heir

Leander Hastings is a Wizard who is the father of Seph McCauley, former lover of Linda Downey, and the mentor and teacher to Jackson Swift and Jason Haley. He lives in Dragon's Ghyll (formerly called Raven's Ghyll, but also formerly called Dragon's Ghyll) in England. He was born in the 1800's. He was born into the Silver Bear house, but founded the Silver Dragon house. He first appeared in The Warrior Heir and also appeared in The Wizard Heir and The Dragon Heir. He is on the wizard council with Nicodemus Snowbeard. He is also a defender of the lower guilds. His deceased sister, Carrie, was a warrior. He later marries Linda Downey and they both live in Dragon Ghyll castle and they own the hoard, and also their son Seph moved to Coalton County with Madison Moss. He was the one who sighted Jack up in The Game. He is a super powerful wizard, and his son Seph also is as a result.

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