Joseph McCauley








Nicodemus Snowbeard (ancestor)
Abraham Downey (great-great-grandfather)
Susannah Downey (great-great-grandmother)
Andrew Downey (great-grandfather)
Jaime Hastings (paternal uncle)
Carrie Hastings (paternal aunt)
Rebecca Downey (maternal aunt)
Genevieve LeClerc (foster mother)
Linda Downey (mother)
Leander Hastings (father)
Jackson Swift (maternal cousin)


Silver Bear, Trinity


The Wizard Heir
The Dragon Heir
Enchanter Heir

Joseph McCauley is a powerful Wizard, and is the main character of The Wizard Heir. He was sent to the Havens, a school that was made to find unsuspecting, untrained young wizards and force them to link to the headmaster in exchange for training. Linda Downey rescued him from The Havens. He is the child of the Wizard Leander Hastings and the Enchanter Linda Downey. He also appeared in The Dragon Heir and The Enchanter Heir. He is the cousin of Jackson Swift. He is best friends with the late Jason Haley and is dating Madison Moss. At the conclusion of the third book, it appears that he has moved to Coal County with Madison. His aunt is Becca who is the mother of Jack. He used wizard fire to keep checking the barrier and was also the head of security for the protection of Trinity. He also broke the Roses wall which is supposed to be protected from magic. He then asked the roses if they want the dragon heart which was absorbed into his girlfriend, she stripped Jessamine and Geoffrey of their weirstones.

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