Gracie Moss is an elicitor who is related to Madison Moss. She can take a persons weirstone from them. She is incredibly smart. She is very light on her feet. She thinks clearly. She is very much ore for someone her age. Title box: Gracie Moss Age: doesn't say Guild: elicitor Gender: female Family: Madison Moss(parental sister) John Robert(parental younger brother) Carlene Moss(parental mother) Dredmont Booker (great-great-great grandfather) Felicity Taylor( great-great grandmother) fathers name isn't mentioned in the book

Gracie Moss is part of the elector guild and is only in the Dragon Heir. She can think pretty fast and is super smart. She was picked on last year because people thought that her family was setting forests on fire. Also her mother doesn't do anything except be mean to Madison Moss. Also Gracie loves to ride horses and their mountain home. She helps take care of John Robert when their is danger by taking him and holding on to him in the woods. She is like most elictors supposed to be related to the Dragon Guard. She lives on Booker Mountain with her older sister Madison and younger brother John Robert.m She was kidnapped by Warren Barrber along with J.R. Brice burned down some buildings and blamed it on her family. So eventually after Barber tried to kill Gracie using fire and she wasn't dead he fell off the mountain. But Madison wanted it to be a cliff. People in town don't mess with her family anymore, also people notice that Madison's skin sparkles when the sun hits it just right because you don't know what Gracie's family will do, also Madison loves walking along Booker Creek with Seph Mcauly.