Enchanters are Weirs that are masters of mind magic. They are said to have an incredible charisma and are very persistent. When using their abilities, they can persuade nearly anyone. This even extends to wizards if they are not aware of the Enchanter.  They are affiliated with the color purple. 


Enchanters can manipulate the mind. They make you think and act differently then you nomally would. They can make someone feel unimaginable levels of lust. This makes it next to impossible to resist them. Also, enchanters can convince you to do anything that they want. They do this by getting into your head and making you think that you need to do what they say. Physical contact makes their powers stronger, but it can be fought. If someone knows what they are doing, they can try to fight the effects. It is mentioned in Enchanter Heir that all enchanters have the gift and curse of empathy, so they have the abilty to sense the emotions and pain of those around them. 

Along with magic, Enchanters seem to all be breathtakingly beautiful. Every enchanter mentioned, as well as children of enchanters, is said to be stunning. Part of their magic is catching the eyes of anyone in a room with them and keeping their attention for as long as they are present. Because of this, they tend to be beautiful.

Known EnchantersEdit