Elicitors are a special type of guild that Wizards are especially wary of, and they are supposedly descendants of The Dragon. They have the ability to absorb magic from a person and are unaffected by any kind of magic; however, they are still able to be killed through non-magical means. This ability makes Wizards wary of them, as they cannot be persuaded by magic and can completely render a Wizard powerless for a time, as absorbing their magic will lead to the Wizard being unable to use magic until they fully recover. The Wizard is also left unconscious and open to attack. The magic an Elicitor absorbs can be released under certain conditions, such as an attack meant to kill another person being absorbed by an Elicitor, but reacts violently when in the presence of the intended target. This causes a buildup of magical energy that can destroy the Elicitor if not let out soon enough, though the method of release can be in other ways, such as art. The Dragonheart reacts strongly to the presence of Elicitors.

Known ElicitorsEdit