The Dragonheart is a magical item that was found in Dragon's Ghyll, underneath the Dragon Stone. It contains the coding of Lady Aidan Ladhra's memory. It is a powerful object, as the other guilds see it as the source of magic, and are able to sense its presence. The presence of the Dragonheart in Trinity, Ohio was enough to start a full scale battle, as it was rumored to be the object that can grant whoever uses it ultimate power and destroy the guilds. In the presence of an Elicitor, the Dragonheart can react violently and change to the point where only an Elicitor can safely handle its power. After awhile, the Elicitor will absorb the Dragonheart and become the Dragon themself. Lady Aidan may possess the bearer to communicate with those present, and the bearer can use the full abilities of Lady Aidan.